Adorable Custom Mickey Ears You Need For Your Next Disney Trip

Make your next Disney trip #Instaworthy

Who doesn’t LOVE going to Disney? No matter if your trip is off to Cali for Disneyland or down south in Florida for Disney World, you know your outfit needs to be on point.

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What better way to seal the Disney deal than with an amazing pair of custom Mickey ears? Luckily Etsy’s got you covered. Check it out.


We are obsessed with these spring floral ears. It’s like a flower crown for Disney.

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Feeling rosey? Try the rose bud ears! Talk about a statement.

Love the Tiki room? Who can’t love one of the oldest attractions?! Show your love with these ears.

Love The Little Mermaid? Grab this ears featuring a Dinglehopper! AKA fork.

If Toy Story is more your speed, slip on this pair featuring slinky dog.

Star Wars is ALWAYS a good choice.

Pick a pair of Pixar ears with this Sully from Monster Inc. inspired ears.

It’s a Small World after all in these ears.

Be the king in these Lion King inspired ears.

Horns more your type? Try these Maleficent ears.

Have a good trip and be sure to bring us back a souvenir!

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