All About White Booties

This 60s Trend is Making a Comeback

White booties are a striking alternative to your typical brown or black ankle boots. It’s still a neutral, so will pair nicely with everything in your closet. The simple, clean color adds an expected touch to any outfit.

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The White Bootie

Grab a pair of white booties such as Dolce Vita’s Percy bootie. Then, scroll down for style inspiration to rock the trend. This pair has a western vibe from the side detail, however, the white color and contrasting sole keeps it totally modern. The silver detail along the heel adds a touch of metallic. The slip on style is no-fuss. The simplest way to wear them is with your darkest skinny jeans to give your white booties all of the attention they deserve.

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So Fresh, So Clean [PERCY bootie]

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Match your winter jacket and accessories to your shoes.

Winter whites look put together and chic. Denim breaks up this all-white look, which is completed with a fuzzy hat and matching ankle boots.


Pair with an abstract print.

A pair of white booties hold their own against this abstract print top and skirt set. The bold shoe look complements the outfit without competing with it. The white structured bag is the perfect addition.


Choose white booties to tame your print mixing.

Anything goes when your white booties can pull together your look. The round white sunnies also work to balance out the action going on between shoulder to knee.

Show Off Those Sweetass Shapes😎⬛️🔷⚫️😎⬛️🔷⚫️😎

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Use white accessories to bookend a bold color.

Lady Gaga is a daring fashionista and take it from her – white booties are so hot right now. She bookends her baby blue leather jacket and skirt with a white top hat and white heeled booties. The white accessories and black accents make her baby blue color appear unlike anything you’d see in a nursery.


All black with a pop of white looks sexy and sophisticated.

White booties break up head to toe black in the best way. You can’t go wrong in all black. It’s the perfect choice for when you don’t know what to wear, are unsure of the occasion, want to feel super sexy or just want to feel completely at ease. Though if you want to guarantee you won’t feel boring, slip into your incredible white booties before heading out the door.


Try white booties with a bold color featuring a graphic print.

White shoes are the equivalent to a bright red top – both pieces are showstopping. You won’t be able to walk down the street in an outfit like this without garnering stares. So if you’re going to go as bold on top as you are on the bottom, be in the mood to engage in conversation. At the very least, expect people to ask where you bought your outfit!


Go casual and let your booties steal the show.

This look features key fashion pieces that never go out of style – denim bottoms, a printed top, a brown leather tote and a black blazer. The white booties take this otherwise “safe” outfit and transform it into an iconic look to remember.


Featured Image Source via Shot by Gio