Bella Thorne: Look for Less

Get Bella's look without breaking your wallet

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I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’ve really outdone myself ya’ll.

Okay, so I’ve done a couple of Look for Less where I did my shopping primarily online, but I took it one step further. Amazon prime is so helpful and convenient for everything in life, so I thought – why not clothing?

Let’s rewind for a sec. Bella Thorne. First of all, such a babe. I actually don’t have a second of all – she’s just a super babe and I wanted to address that. Also though, quite the actress. If you haven’t watched Famous in Love yet, you really should. Freeform did us a favor by putting the entire season up at once so you’re free to binge away. Absolutely perfect for a lazy Sunday.

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I watched it the weekend it was released, and when it came time to choose my next inspiration I thought – who better than Bella? Only tricky part is that this girl has such a great, unique style that I was a little intimidated. So my next thought was: Okay, what outfit would I really truly wear of hers? And then I stumbled upon this beautiful outfit and it was love at first site.

Alright, back to Amazon Prime. I actually tried finding her jeans at every store I could think of, but bell bottoms were super hard to find. That’s when I tried Amazon. I had to dig through a bunch of stuff, but once I found these jeans ($35) it was this “aha” moment of like… could I actually get everything on here?!


THE BELT, ($14).

THE SHIRT, ($12).


The only things I didn’t get were my necklaces and my shoes. The shoes are my “Feffries.” A term coined by one of my best friend. They’re Fake Jeffrey Campbell shoes, aka Feffries ($25).

The brown suede I actually picked up from Michaels a couple of years ago for Coachella stuff. You can buy these at clothing stores and you’re going to way over pay. Literally go here: Michaels ($7.50). It’s just the suede people use for making jewelry. It’s cheap and it’s easy and it’s perfect.

The druzy necklace was made for me by a friend who has an online jewelry shop on Etsy. It’s called Blair Sydney, named after her adorable little nugget of a daughter.

My point with the last three things though: these little additions are somewhat interchangeable with things you ALREADY HAVE, which is the biggest money saver of all. As long as your shoes are tall enough to keep you from dragging those beautiful bell bottoms on the floor, and you have a couple of necklaces to layer – you’re good. Except the brown suede. Kind of essential to the look. But so cheap so it doesn’t even matter.

So there it is. My Bella Thorne look. All from Amazon prime. Only $102. Boom diggity. Now go out there, buy your outfit, and look as happy as I do in it.

Bella Thorne: Look for less, savannah

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