Bethany Mota: Look for Less

Get this look for so cheap

Ummmmmmm first things first, I LOVE this girl. Like, Youtube QUEEN. She’s just got the cutest, sweetest, goofiest personalities and I love it. I’ve been wanting to do a Look for Less for Bethany Mota for a while now, and I finally did it.

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This outfit stood out to be because it is so cute and simple, but has the pop of color from the sunglasses. This is so my vibe. All black everything and then a little bit of shnazz with an accessory. That’s the way to do it, and Bethany did it so well.

I went to the mall for this one, and was actually able to find everything in two stores!! Hallelujah. The shopping fairies were really looking down on me that day. I got dress, and the shoes from Forever 21. The black dress was $13, and the black boots were only $35. Then I got the sunglasses from H&M which was right next to Forever 21, and I only paid $3. Like, WHAT?!

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I’ve gotta say, I’ve worn these sunglasses out a couple of times already, and I get compliments every single time. They’re a crowd pleaser. When I was checking out at H&M the day I bought them, the guy at the cash register was actually surprised to see them. He goes, “Are these from here??” And I laughed and said I got them from the sunglasses rack. And he commented on how cute they were and was upset he hadn’t spotted them before me!

The dress and the shoes are literally staple pieces every girl should have. Cute short dress that’s perfect for so many occasions. And then these black boots – hello! These go with everything – dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers… everything!

So this entire outfit, that I will wear over and over and over and over again, only cost me $51. I consider this a win.