How Beyoncé’s Personal Fashion Designer Is Empowering Women Everywhere


Fact: Beyoncé is flawless and so is the incredible team behind her. Putting together knock-out looks for an unforgettable show isn’t easy, but the legendary star only surrounds herself with people who make the impossible come to life.

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One of those essential team members is celebrity stylist and designer Brea Stinson, the behind-the-scenes fashion star responsible for some of Queen Bey’s boldest ensembles.

“I’ve designed both a personal wardrobe and stage items for her in which the quick turnarounds were extremely challenging,” Stinson told AwesomenessTV.

“A lot of my designs are executed in less than 48 hours. However, I’m all about quality, so I don’t compromise that no matter the deadline.”

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One of Stinson’s proudest moments came when Bey wore a gold quilted parka Stinson made during the finale of the Formation World Tour at Madison Square Garden. The singer went with a throwback, too, and rocked the jacket while performing her 2009 hit “Crazy in Love.”

Since then, Stinson has been inspired to continue creating confidence-boosting clothing, leading to a (somewhat surprising, but awesome) collaboration with Tampax.

Stinson explained why she partnered with Always and Tampax on the Radiant campaign: “Regardless of the time of the month, you should be fearless and confident. It’s so sad to think that four out of five women avoid certain outfits for fear of leakage.”


To bring about necessary change, the designer came together with the brands to create the #RadiantDanceOff competition. Dance teams at HBCUs around the country have been showing off off their best dance moves online, and the winning team will receive brand-new “stylish and functional” dance uniforms.

“Hopefully this will inspire more women to embrace their style and not let their cycle stop them from performing on the field and in life ever again,” Stinson said.

This is only the beginning of Stinson’s empowering approach to fashion. Beyond recently finishing performance pieces for 50 Cent, Cardi B, and Vic Mensa, Stinson will soon debut her own line.


“I’m currently working on samples for my collection and curating a debut presentation,” she revealed. “I also got the call to costume my first film. We’re still working out the details, so stay tuned.”

Can’t. Freaking. Wait.