Black Friday Buys You Won’t Regret

Guilt-free Items to Add to Your Bag

You know when you find something amazing at the mall that you just have to have? And then you’re flooded with guilt the second you view your online banking account? Well, the items on this list are so practical, you’re guaranteed not to feel that way after your purchase. Take advantage of the crazy deals this Black Friday and purchase something you could really use. It’s worth it to spend a little more on things that will last. And if you can get a good-quality piece for half the price? You’ll regret it if you didn’t go for it.

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1. An All-Purpose Tote

A good quality tote bag will last through college all the way to your first professional job and beyond. A basic black or brown leather bag that is roomy enough for notebooks, a few snacks, a water bottle and maybe even a laptop is a good investment. It can double as a carry-on bag when you travel. Find one with a zipper on top to prevent your essentials from slipping out.

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2. Jeans That Fit Great

Well-fitting jeans are hard to come by. When you find an awesome pair, you can’t pass them up. We won’t even judge if you buy the same style in multiple colors. I mean you at least need a light pair and a dark pair. If the price point is a little high, stay away from trendy styles that you will be so over by next season. You can never go wrong with a boyfriend jean, skinny or straight jean. Remember, destroyed denim that is ripped or has holes looks cool but you might not get as much wear out of them if they are not work appropriate.


3. Everyday Basics

Stock up on the softest black leggings, tee shirts and sweaters you can find. If you have a specific brand you always wear, it’s worth it to buy multiples. Same goes for socks, bras and underwear.

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4. A Sturdy Jacket

Depending on your state’s version of winter, now’s the time to purchase a good leather jacket, pea coat or thick down jacket. One that is made to last can cost upwards of $300. Black Friday deals will likely drop the price to as low as it’s going to go before the cold approaches.


5. A Watch

A watch is maybe the only piece of jewelry that counts as an essential, except maybe a wedding ring. It will last for years and years. Especially when you enter the work world, it will look unprofessional if you are always checking your phone for the time. Get a watch! You’ll also then have no excuse not to “turn off” once in a while.


6. Your Favorite Makeup Products

Think of all the money you’d save if you buy all of your go-to makeup products at half the cost! Refrain from buying bold seasonal colors or testing out something new (unless it’s included in some kind of deal). Load up on the bottles you empty out again and again, like your favorite foundation, moisturizer and mascara. If you don’t open it until you’re ready to use, it definitely won’t expire before you’re ready to use it.


7. Sunglasses

Have you always wanted a nice pair of sunglasses but haven’t wanted to shell out the cash? If you can find a good deal, go for it. Sunglasses are a useful item that you’ll wear a lot, even in the winter. Try out some new frames as well if your regular glasses could use an upgrade. There might even be a greater discount if you buy more than one pair.


8. Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable footwear is so necessary. When your feet are happy, you’re happy. Don’t pass them up if you find a cute pair of everyday sneakers, winter boots or casual booties. If you’re a runner, price check your favorite pair of shoes to see how much you’d save. You’re going to need a new pair sooner or later. If you need to dress up for work, it may also be smart to invest in a comfortable pair of black heels.


9. Phone Protection

Obviously people go crazy for electronics this time of year. Whether or not you plan to purchase a new phone or laptop, you might benefit from a sturdy case. Assess the one you have now. Did you settle for a subpar one because you didn’t want to spend too much money? Protecting your expensive electronics is important.