Fashion: 10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella


Coachella is right around the corner and we know that every single one of our favorite celebs will be making their way down to the renowned music festival for an incredible amount of fun. There are so many things that we look forward to during Coachella season, from the magnificent performances from all of the talented musicians to the boho chic Coachella attires that all of these fantastic celebs rock at the music festival.

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We can’t wait to see the outfits that our fave celebs will be wearing at this year’s Coachella, and as we stay tuned for that, here is a recap of 10 of the greatest celeb looks we’ve seen at Coachella.

1. Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

Whenever we talk about Coachella, we always have to mention Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens and Coachella king Austin Butler. They’re one sensational power couple who brings Coachella fashion to a whole different level. It’s so hard to choose our favorite outfit that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler wore to Coachella, but we’re definitely thinking Vanessa’s super cute, red romper and big hat and Austin’s patterned pants as one of their many amazing Coachella looks.

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10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

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2. Kendall Jenner

It goes without saying that Kendall Jenner looks so fabulous in anything and everything that she wears. She is definitely another person who wears some of the greatest outfits at Coachella. We can’t get over just how stunning she looked in this black skirt and white, off shoulder crop top.

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Kendall Jenner

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3. Kylie Jenner

The Jenner sisters are known for being fashion icons and they totally slay Coachella each and every year. Kylie always looks so extraordinary at Coachella and one of our fave outfits of hers is her all white outfit with her vibrant, turquoise colored hair.

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Kylie Jenner

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4. Hailey Baldwin

YAS, Hailey, SLAY! Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner always have so much fun with one another at Coachella, and they look so phenomenal while doing so. We love Hailey’s adorable crop top, jean shorts, and thigh high boots. The perfect accessory to her awesome outfit? Her excellent heart-shaped glasses!

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Hailey Baldwin

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5. Selena Gomez

Our girl Selena Gomez literally defines perfection. Selena looked so beautiful wearing a crop top and white shorts and we are obsessed with her laced overall. She’s such a fashion role model!

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Selena Gomez

Source: Pinterest


6. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid always looks like a #Goddess. One of our all time favorite Coachella looks ever is Gigi Hadid’s spectacular OOTD when she wore a black crop top with black shorts and a brown, fringe jacket with brown boots. We literally want to wear this outfit everyday.

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Gigi Hadid

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7. Brooklyn Beckham

Our bae Brooklyn Beckham is so effortlessly cool. We have so many heart-eye emojis for him and we always love his super trendy Coachella outfits. He looked so handsome at Coachella rocking a red, floral patterned top, black jeans and red sneakers. #OutfitGoals

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Brooklyn Beckham

Source: GQ


8. Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is definitely one of the most stylish guys we know, so needless to say, he totally rocks Coachella every time he goes. Our fave Coachella look of his is his all black outfit with a black hat. Such a terrific look!

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Jaden Smith

Source: Pinterest


9. Shay Mitchell

Can we pretty please one day just go shopping with Shay Mitchell? She is our fashion inspiration. Shay Mitchell looks so flawless all of the time and we adore this outfit of hers from Coachella when she wore a super cute, black romper and accessorized her outfit with some eye-catching necklaces.

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Shay Mitchell

Source: Capital FM


10. Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland always looks like a happy ray of sunshine whenever she’s at Coachella. She always wears some of the most outstanding Coachella outfits and we love this brilliant romper she wore.

10 Of The Greatest Celeb Looks From Coachella; Sarah Hyland

Source: StyleBlazer


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