How to Coordinate Your Outfit With Bae

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How to Coordinate Your Outfit With Bae


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If you’re obsessed with fashion, makeovers and ‘gram worthy moments, you’ve probably dreamed of coordinating your outfit with bae (despite, or maybe in spite of him being not as sartorially inclined as you are). School dances, proms, and weddings are occasions when coordinating styles with bae is obvious, but what about more casual events, like BBQs and parties? No problem. You can definitely wear complementing outfits at those, too. With a little effort and creativity, you can definitely steal the spotlight at basically any kind of occasion.

Whether you want to make a dramatic entrance or want to look like the solid team you are, here are tips on how to perfectly coordinate your outfits with bae.


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At a Festival

During an outdoor festival or concert, you can choose a punchy color that each of you will wear for the majority of your outfit. Example, you wear a white dress, while he wears white pants. From there, you might want to decide on a similar accessory, like sunglasses, but then do your own thing that represents your individual style. The matching color, plus the sunnies, connect your looks together.


At a BBQ

At a casual event like a BBQ , you want to focus on less is more and look for the smallest details to really elevate your outfits. You might want to choose a theme (i.e. like “casual cool”) and then focus on a texture or print that represents it and will make each of your outfits pop. For example, he wears denim shorts along with neutral colors, while you wear a pair of denim overalls with a neutral shirt. The denim, plus matching colors, ties the look together in a subtle, stylish way.


At a Sporting Event

An easy way to coordinate while watching your fave football team is for you to wear the “at home” jersey, while he wears the “away” jersey. However, another trick involves you showing your support wearing a cap in one team color and a tee in the other color, while bae wears the opposite of you. This look definitely is coordinating, but isn’t super matchy so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.


At a Fancy Party

Coordinating outfits for a formal event, such as homecoming dance, prom or wedding, gets a little easier. Mainly because you get to choose the outfit first! Score! Once you’ve chosen your dress, then your partner will select his outfit based on your color scheme. For example, if you’ve chosen a black-and-white dress, then bae can purchase a matching white shirt and white tie to match. The key is to pick up the subtlety of your dress color rather than flat out match. Meaning if you have a purple dress, then he should NOT wear a purple suit.


It’s important to remember that when coordinating outfits with bae, you don’t want to look like twins. You want to complement your outfits, which is a great example of connecting as a couple. And don’t forget to have fun with it!

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