Crystal Crowns Just Officially Replaced Flower Crowns

*Patiently waiting for new Snapchat filters*

Whether you’re hitting the festival circuit this summer or just admiring the festival fashion from afar, it’s time to toss out your flower crowns and get on board for the newest trend in festival fashion: crystal crowns. These gorgeous accessories will give you fantasy princess vibes and make your Game of Thrones fashion goals a reality all at once.

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The prime creator of these works of art is designer Sarah Cosper, Teen Vogue reports. Check out her Etsy store to get your hands on one of these amazing creations (most of them cost less than $100).


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And don’t worry—there are other talented accessory artists out there making crystal crowns too.




And, if DIY is more your style, there are plenty of great tutorials for making a crystal crown with your own two hands.


Now, if only Snapchat had a crystal crown filter…

Featured Image Source: Mr. Kate