Do Good with Your Prom Dress and Donate It

Pay the fashion forward

Your prom dress is a big deal. You probably spent months looking for it and even longer thinking about it. It’s the centerpiece of your ~magical~ (or just regular fun/okay—which is fine too!) high school night. But then what happens to that beloved garment after the Big Night?

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Probably nothing.

For most of us, our prom dress is destined to a lifetime collecting dust in the back of our childhood closet (that’s right—childhood closet, because you are about to move out and move on for college or whatever your next step is and are you really going to pack that prom gown for the ride? Probably not).

If you want your dress to avoid that sad, sad fate, let it do what dresses do best: Be worn and make another person feel as gorgeous and special as it made you feel. You can pay the fashion forward and donate your dress to help another teen (and one in need, at that) make it to prom.

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Bustle has some great suggestions for where to donate. There are national organizations, like Project G.L.A.M. (the G.L.A.M. stands for Granting Lasting Amazing Memories), a part of WGIRLS Inc.


You can also look for local organizations, like Operation Prom, which has drop off spots in eight states. If you just google for your city and state and “donate prom dress,” you’ll turn up lots of local options for donating. Bustle lists the Glass Slipper Project in Chicago, the Prom Dress Exchange in Denver, and the Princess Project in several cities throughout California as examples.


And, if your hometown just doesn’t have any options for donating prom dresses? Well, you could always become a real prom fairy godmother and start your own. Just a thought.

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Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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