Down Jackets that Still Look Glam

Staying Warm Doesn't Mean Dressing Down

If you live in a state that gets brutal winters, one of the biggest fashion challenges is finding a jacket that can simultaneously keep you warm and not ruin your style. Down jackets are perfect for the warmth factor, but not sure how to rock one while still feeling stylish? Here’s some down jackets that will keep you warm and glam, with the help of fur, slimming silhouettes, and embroidery.

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If you love the relaxed vibe of California styles but also need to stay warm, Hollister has the coats for you. Their outerwear keeps their signature West Coast look, while also being super cozy. This down anorak comes in black, burgundy, or tan, and is $140.

Down Jackets that Still Look Glam; Hollister burgundy

Source: Hollister

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Nuage Arctic Expedition

A big fur hood is one of the trademarks of a fashionable winter jacket. We love how this one has a huge hood, perfect for insulating warm air around your head, as well as the double inner layer for extra protection against the wind. This one is $112.99.

Down Jackets that Still Look Glam; Nuage navy

Source: Overstock

Land’s End

Land’s End is a staple for winter clothes, and their down jackets are no exception. They have a huge selection in varying heaviness and material, but we love this one because the quilted stitching is super flattering. The coat ($199) comes in five colors, and a knee length coat can be essential in colder cities.

Down Jackets that Still Look Glam; Land's End navy

Source: Land’s End

Eddie Bauer

This coat’s elegant diamond stitching sets it apart, and Eddie Bauer is well reputed for durability and warmth. The waist tie gives the coat a slimming silhouette instead of bulking you up. Even better, this one is on sale for $139.30.

Down Jackets That Still Look Glam; Eddie Bauer green

Source: Eddie Bauer

Featured Image Source: Unsplash