Earring Stacking is the New Trend You Need to Try

Because three earrings is better than one

When it comes to wearing earrings, the latest trend says it all: the more earrings, the better. Layering various earrings of all shapes and sizes are having a major moment right now. Emma Stone and Cara Delevingne are just a couple of the celebrities who’ve been sporting the itty bitty earring trend, and we LOVE it.

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The best news is that this trend is totally unique, and is the perfect way to express your style. When assembling a look of your own, pay attention to spacing as well as the diversity of delicate earrings that you’re using. Mixing and matching your multiple piercings is key! Here are some cool ideas on how to stack your sparkle.


1. Go for the Monochrome Look

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Keeping the same earring but in different sizes, and on different parts of the ear, looks super chic.

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2. Play With Studs

Experimenting with different size studs is a cool way to play with contrast, and not to mention is an amazing fashion statement.


3. Hooked on Hoops

Mixing different hoop sizes is a simple, yet sophisticated, choice.

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4. Ear Cuff Envy

Adding an ear cuff to your earring stacking immediately brings some flair to your combo.

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5. Long and Lovely

Earring stacking isn’t just reserved for studs and small hoops — gorgeous, dangly earrings are also an elegant option.


6. Bling Ring

A little bling goes a long way. Pairing a beautiful bauble with another simple earring makes such a chic statement.

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7. Stylish Shapes

Don’t be afraid to mix different shapes. Going for various jagged angles makes for a rad geometric look.


8. Embrace the Unexpected

Mix up the expected by placing your ear cuff lower down, rather than up top, on your ear lobe.


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