Easy DIY Unicorn Halloween Costume

Using only 3 clothing items and makeup products

Halloween is right around the corner and we all know that waiting until the last minute to find a costume is what always ends up happening.  But we’ve got your back – here’s a super cute and extremely easy DIY unicorn costume that you can put together in no time – and on a budget!

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THAT GLOW – First thing you need is that unicorn glow! Grab your favorite highlighter and apply to those gorgeous cheekbones – we recommend the metallic Cover FX highlight enhancer drops in Celestial.

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2. BOLD LIP – Next up, a bold lip to really make a statement.  We suggest this dreamy Mac lipstick in the shade 4 EVA.

3. SPARKLE & SHINE – And the last touch for makeup, some glitter so you sparkle and shine!  This Wet N Wild body glitter palette gives you several options to achieve that rainbow shine every unicorn needs!

4. THE TUTU – Now, on to the costume.  If you don’t already have an old ballet tutu, you can DIY one using tulle from the craft store, or just pick up a rainbow skirt like this one from Claire’s!

5. THE BODYSUIT – Next, pair that dreamlike tutu with a form-fitting tank of your choice.  White really makes that rainbow skirt pop, and this bodysuit from Forever 21 really stands out with that unique cutout!

6. THE FINISHING TOUCH – Of course, that unicorn horn!  DIY your own using a piece of elastic as the headband.  Then just create the horn by adding gold glitter onto some cardstock.

And you’re ready to slay Halloween in your colorful and sparkling unicorn costume!  Super easy to put together, especially at the last minute.  Watch Caroline Tucker bring this DIY costume to life in this video!