Fashion Advice: Cold Winter Accessories

These will keep you warm

It’s that time of the year again where you are blasting the heat and cozying up by the fire place. Hot chocolate is your favorite drink right now and having soup for dinner is completely acceptable. It’s clear that it’s cold out and you are bundling up. So, to ensure that you still stay fashionable while piling on the layers, we’ve made a list of the best cold weather accessories that you need.

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Gloves are a necessity when it is cold out, and since technology basically runs our lives, you need a pair of tech gloves. Ugg’s Classic Leather Tech Gloves are perfect for those chilly days, but still allow you to text while wearing them.

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Sticking with the trend of cold weather tech accessories, we are loving the BCBG Fur Tech Earmuffs. These awesome earmuffs are super chic, and have a headphone cable that can easily connect to your media player.

It’s all about scarfs during those dreadfully cold months, and that’s why Carven’s Long Faux Fur Scarf is a necessity. We are obsessed with how big this super plush piece is, and how it totally allows you to bundle up!

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A good neck warmer with make chilly days bearable. Plush’s Fleece Lined Neck Warmer will keep you super warm all while looking great!

Fashion Advice: Cold Winter Accessories: Plush

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You lose most of your bodies heat through your head, so it’s super important to make sure that you keep your head warm during those cold months. H&M’s Wool Hat is perfect for those chilly days and we are loving the faux fur pom-poms on top.

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Featured Image Source: Harpers Bazaar