Fashion Advice You Need Before You’re 25

How to Find Your Signature Look

Like it or not, we’re all slaves to fashion and the constantly rotating trends hitting the stores on a regular basis. We’ve lost count of the number of times high-waisted denim has gone in and out of style. The constant evolution — or, rather, revolution — of fashion has our wallets hurting as we clear out one trend for another, only to see it return a year or two later. But most of our trendy choices don’t even last a full year because we skimp on quality to ensure we own every variety of crop top available. It’s common as we get older to look back and regret our fashion choices, so here’s a quick guide to help you never feel that sense of wardrobe angst.

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Clean Lines Can Be a Little Naughty Too

When buying jeans, avoid bells, whistles, and other excessive embellishments. Slim-cut pants are not going anywhere but the rips, logos, and butterfly stitching are what you’ll fall out of love with. Invest in sturdy denim with a little stretch in a few washes: black, white, dark, and light. A medium rise won’t age you and won’t look like you’re trying to be a kid again.

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Fashion Advice You Need Before You're 25 Embellished Jeans

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Shine Bright Like a (Faux) Diamond

Accessories are perfect for staying on trend and an inexpensive way to adapt your basics for any occasion. While investing in a classic pair of real diamond studs is the epitome of style and class, we can’t afford to adorn ourselves like we’re walking the red carpet — because even celebrities are loaned those jewels. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M are loaded with a bounty of trendy, fun, and inexpensive items to revamp the same black top you wore last Friday.

Fashion Advice You Need Before You're 25 Marilyn

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Your Feet Need Love Too

Investing in quality footwear will benefit you for years to come. And that doesn’t mean you should buy your orthotics now and throw style out the window. There are amazingly comfortable booties in classic styles and colors itching for a new home. Stilettos with chains and buckles may look awesome with your skinny jeans, but the compliments you get won’t compare to your blisters and the dent in your wallet. Unless you’ve got the shoe budget of Carrie Bradshaw, avoid spending upwards of $100 on shoes with feathers, glitter, fur, etc.

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