Fashion: Every Girl Needs These Tights in Her Closet This Winter

Keep Warm, Look Feminine

Winter is made for jackets, coats, mittens and scarves. The time to bundle up and stay as warm as possible. Oftentimes, we’re so cold that we feel like we look like the abominable snowman! These tights will not only keep you warm this season but will have you looking girly, cute and fashionable.

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1. Polka Dots

Quite possibly the most feminine of the bunch, polka dots give us a retro, Minne-Mouse vibe. Black polka dots can go with just about anything, but really add a vintage or mod look to your outfit. Where with dark colors, a pinup dress, or a black skater skirt.

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2. Yellow

There’s something about mustard yellow tights that make us think of fall. Maybe it’s the fact that they surprisingly match with so many outfits. Or maybe it’s because they match certain colors of leaves before they fall. Either way, we’re not fighting it. You can wear these with a cute, old fashioned dress, a slim skirt, or under maroon or black shorts!

3. Chevron

Chevron is a classic print when it comes to tights. Simple enough to pair with but retro enough to make a statement. Wear these cute tights with something simple like a tank dress, fit and flare dress or black skirt. That way, the eyes are drawn to the print (and it doesn’t look too busy).

4. Garters

Can’t decide between socks and tights? Why not both? While there are no actual socks involved, these tights give the illusion of socks pulled up by garters. Super feminine and super retro. Pair with a short skirt or shorts. Preferably black, although any color will do.

5. Floral

We’re feelin’ you, floral tights. A little bit soft, a little bit gothic, maybe even a little bit 90’s! Floral tights are the perfect way to stand out in a super girly way. Try pairing with a soft dress (to add a little balance) or go all out in black to keep it a little dark and mysterious.

6. Magical

For all of you Harry Potter fans, these tights are for you. With tiny stars and moons, you’ve got some serious magic on your legs. Wear with a casual tee and shorts/skirt so that everyone will check out your legs instead of your entire ensemble.

7. Ribbed Charcoal

Looking for a super warm pair of tights? Look no further than these ribbed, charcoal tights. Much like the sky above, the tights will match your environment and keep you protected. Pair with some boots, a skirt and a long cardigan and you are set for the harsh winter!

8. Dainty White

Who said winter was all about dark colors? Dress like a dainty princess with these winter wonderland tights. Pair with a baby doll dress or a preppy pair of shorts and blouse to give off the chic and almost English style.

9. Maroon

The moment fall hits is the moment you need to stock up on all things maroon and tights are no exception. Perfectly dainty, yet sophisticated and feminine. Pair with other seasonal colors or all black for an incredibly seasonal look.

10. Classic Black

You can’t go wrong with a staple pair of black tights in your closet. They go with almost anything you can think of. If it’s a super cold day, you can even wear a couple of pairs or throw some knee-high socks over them for additional warmth.

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