Fashion Finds for Your Astrology Obsessed Friend

Style is found in the stars

So your best friend basically lives her life based on the cosmos. She checks her weekly AND monthly horoscopes religiously, and she not only knows your birthday (obvi), but she also knows your zodiac sign, your rising sign, your ruling planet, and your lucky gemstone. It’s not surprising then that her fashion choices are based on her love for all things astrology. After all, she’s told you again and again that her style sense is connected to her sun sign.

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Now that her birthday is coming up, here’s everything we know she’d want in her closet, based on each zodiac sign. (Don’t worry: you can totally peek at these awesome items, too!)



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The fiery Aries in your life will love this choker from NastyGal. It features her fave color – red – and represents her power planet. Suzywan Deluxe Mars Star Power Lace Choker, $14.



For your bull-headed bestie, show your understanding (and acceptance) of her stubbornness with this tee from Zazzle. What’s your excuse? T-Shirt, $23.80.



This back-and-front tee from Urban Outfitters will appeal to the both fun and serious side of your Gemini pal. Future State Zodiac Sign Tee, $4.99.



Your sensitive Cancer friend is a sucker for dainty jewelery like these earrings from Alex Woo. Mini Additions Signs, from $48.



Heads turn when she walks into the room anyway, so you might as well treat the Leo love of your life with this cap from Amazon. OraJoyCap, $10.



Your practical Virgo pal is the only person you know who’ll appreciate these sweet socks from Stance. Amazon, $15.50-$19.



What’s more charming than your charming friend Libra? Probably this stunning charm bracelet from Alex and Ani. Libra Charm Bangle, $28.



Your sassy Scorpio will looooove this adorable and super chic Anya Hindmarch sticker for her fave handbag. Available at Neiman Marcus, $75.



Make sure your adventurous friend, Sagittarius, never forgets you while on her globe-trotting travels with this gorgeous iPhone case. Etsy, $30.



This darling ring from Julie Nolan Jewelry will appeal to your Capricorn BFF’s effortless elegance fashion sense. 14kt Gold Dipped Constellation Ring, $48.



You know your bestie, Aquarius, is a deep thinker. Get her to chill out a little bit with this cute and casual tank from Look Human. Aquarius Tank Top, $19.99



Your thoughtful and big hearted friend, Pisces, is always helping out those who are less unfortunate. That’s why she deserves to be treated to this beautiful necklace from Nordstrom. Celestial Pendant Necklace, $58.