Fashion: Glove Styles You Can’t Pass Up This Winter

Cold Weather Can't Bring Us Down

Gloves are your secret weapon against winter temps. When your extremities are warm, your entire body feels more comfortable. Always keep a pair of mittens in your bag and you’ll face any weather condition with a smile. Match your gloves to your hat or intentionally mismatch. Keeping your hands protected will prevent them from getting dry and chapped. Leave a pair in your car as well because nothing is worse than holding a freezing steering wheel.

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Multicolored Convertible Mittens

These functional mittens from American Eagle have a fold-over flap and exposed thumb. The marled texture is unique and colorful. They’ll add a touch of brightness to your black puffer or tan trench coat. Or, wear a jacket that pulls out one color from the print. Stand out in a green, yellow or red coat and these on your hands.

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Warm Hands, Cold Winter: Glove Styles; multicolored-convertible-mitten

Source: American Eagle


Retro Striped

The fingertips on these striped gloves are stitched with conductive thread that allows you to use your smart device without exposing skin. They’re perfect for outdoor activities such as watching a football game or walking the dog. Stay warm and stay in touch.

Warm Hands, Cold Winter: Glove Styles; striped-tech-gloves

Source: Urban Outfitters


Kitten Mittens

Kate Spade’s kitten mitten/fingerless glove hybrid is as cute as it is smart. If you’re a serious cat lover, you’re also going to want the matching cat beanie. Those sly eyes looking back at you will inspire some playfulness as you go about your day.

Warm Hands, Cold Winter: Glove Styles; kate-spade-kitten-mittens

Source: Kate Spade


Tiger Stripe Wrist Warmers

Designer Kenzo’s guest collection for H&M is filled with bold prints. These orange tiger striped wrist warmers are seriously eye catching. The wool blend is so soft and will keep you warm from your elbows to your fingers. Wear over or under your top layer, depending on your mood.

Warm Hands, Cold Winter: Glove Styles; tiger-stripe-gloves

Source: H&M


Cable Knit Warmers

These insulated gloves are like sweaters for your hands. They feature a suede patch to make it easier to grip the steering wheel or hold your bag. Isotoner is known for their high-quality gloves and slippers. In fact, the brand name comes from a combination of the words “isometric” and “toning” due to the stretch and massage properties of their gloves.

Warm Hands, Cold Winter: Glove Styles; cable-knit-gloves

Source: Isotoner


Plum Tech Glove

These tech-friendly gloves from Target are only $3.50! Grab a pair in the plum and gray colors, or let the low price be your excuse to get another style too. Your phone or other device will detect your touch through the black fingertips.

Warm Hands, Cold Winter: Glove Styles; plum-tech-gloves

Source: Target


Studded Leather Gloves

Every girl needs a pair of black leather gloves. This pair extends past the wrist so no skin is exposed between the glove and edge of your coat. The studs are a trendy update on this classic wardrobe accessory.

Warm Hands, Cold Winter: Glove Styles; leather-studded-gloves

Source: Target


Plaid Bow

Pair these plaid gloves with your favorite peacoat for a put together outerwear look. The front bow adds girly detail and makes the plaid more pretty. Wrap a plaid scarf around your neck with a similar color scheme for skillful print mixing.

Warm Hands, Cold Winter: Glove Styles; plaid-bow-gloves

Source: ModCloth


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