Fashion Hack: Up your patch game

get the coolest patches for your gear

Patches are everywhere this fall season and for good reason! It makes your look 1000 times cooler.

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Instagram feeds are littered with #patchgoals, so where can you find some of these oh so cool patches?

I went ahead and did the dirty work for you! Here are my fave places to get some A+ patches. There is literally something for everyone, so grab your glue gun and get ready to deck out your jean jackets, shorts and totes with some awesome flair! P.S most of the listed shops are women ran and own! Double points!

1. Rosehound Apparel

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This bad*ss self started pin and patch line has all the super adorable, girly patches you could ever want!

Like this good enough to eat chenille creamsicle.

And lets be real…we all can get a lil’ salty here and there. So why not share your sassyness with the world in two colors!

2. Friend- Mart

Tuesday Bassen, local L.A designer and illustrator teamed up with some other super cool and talented artists and created “Friend-Mart”, one of the coolest lines on this side of the west coast.

Artist Tuesday even has a whole line of sticker patches! No asking your mom to sew it onto your denim vest required! Just peel and stick on anything! Your guitar, laptop, backpack, jacket. Endless options!

These “take a stab” patches comes in 3 different skin tones!

This one may not be peel and stick but it’s a hamburger with “buns” – how can you not want it? Body Posi burger. I’ll take 12.

Up your patch game: Tuesday Bassen buns out patch


Also did I mention they will do custom patches FOR you!

3. BigBudPress 

Another great shop started and run by some way cool ladies. Big Bud Press is like a total #TBT to the 80s. With so many neon options to choose from your jean jacket will be so turnt up with one of a kind patches!

Sparkle heart emojis!

4. Valley Cruise Press

Nothing is more California style than “Valley Cruise Press.” This L.A based company creates patches and pins that totally have the “hang loose” cali vibe.

Put these BFF’s on your backpack!

This patch is saying what we are all thinking.

5. Stay at Home Club

Stay Home Club has a wide range of products for total homebodies. The club never actually meets, but is a club nonetheless. A club for people who just want to sit under a blanket all day and watch “Friends.” Each patch is hilarious and adorable all at the same time.

Can’t get a Corgi IRL? This patch is the next best thing!

Emotional? Same. Grab these patches to wear your feels on your sleeve. Or wear ever you want.

6. Gimmie Flair

And to exporle the great world of patches further, check out Gimmie Flair! The pin and patches meca of the internet! Gimmie Flair houses hundreds of indie artists work on their site. There is so so so much to look at!


Up your patch game; Gimmie Flair fries patch


This 100% true fact.

This simple yet oh so cheesy patch.

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