Clothes Appropriate for School and Your Internship

Make your clothes work for you

Making the pieces in your wardrobe work for more than one part of your life is the key to achieving versatile style. When it comes to purchasing new clothes for the fall season, you need things you can wear not only to school but to your internship as well. Rather than spending twice as much and buying two times as many pieces, pick clothes that’ll be appropriate for both places — the classroom and the office.

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Navy Blazer

Blazers are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing on the planet because they’re a snap to dress up or down. Want to look sharp for a presentation at school? Pair your blazer with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and flats. Need professional attire for your internship or job? A blazer will pull together your whole outfit. Want a little bit of rock n’ roll glam? Layer a blazer over a band t-shirt and throw on some sneakers. The structured shoulders and button details make blazers the perfect power piece, and the fact that you can take it off if needed makes it a great option for fickle fall weather.

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Black Lace-Up Flats

If you need a pair of shoes that’ll allow you to look pulled together while walking all the way across campus (or the city), flats are the ones. They’re understated yet professional, pair will just about anything, and are comfortable enough to wear all day long — even when you have to trek to Starbucks and back for your boss. Get a pair in a neutral color that’ll play nice with all the pieces in your wardrobe, like brown or black. Flats with lace-up details are extremely on-trend this year and thankfully still office appropriate. Try a pointed toe for an extra powerful look.

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Black Skinny Jeans

Unless your office is super formal and corporate, in most places you can get away with a pair of black skinny jeans. Just make sure they’re not ripped, tattered, or distressed in any way, and that the hem falls at the proper length (no stepping on them or rolling them up!), and you can look put-together and stay comfortable at the same time. The best part is, you can wear your black skinnies to class, to the cafeteria, to a night out on the town… anywhere! They’re the ultimate neutral and play nice with probably everything in your closet. Try pairing them with a black top and black shoes for a chic New York City-esque look. Bonus points: they’re ultra flattering.

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Blue Button Down

Want to channel that CEO vibe? Try a classic blue button down. The sharp lines and tailored fit are flattering and easy to wear. Tuck it into a pencil skirt for your internship, and pop it over some distressed jeans for the classroom. A blue button down is the perfect top to wear if you want to be taken seriously, so consider saving it for a day when you need to give a presentation. Because of its simplicity, it’s also a great piece to pair with loads of jewelry. For a little extra menswear flair, try one with vertical pinstripes, and as it gets cooler out, you can even layer it underneath a crewneck sweater.

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Tan Longline Cardigan

An extremely versatile, pair-with-anything sweater, a tan longline cardigan will fit effortlessly into your wardrobe. It’ll feel cozy in class paired with your favorite yoga pants (no yoga required), and it’ll look dressy enough to wear to your internship when you match it with more structured pants (or maybe those black skinny jeans we mentioned). Match tan with other neutrals to stay understated and chic or try some pops of color for more fun. A long necklace goes great with the long shape of the cardigan, too.

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Black Pencil Skirt

A black pencil skirt is an office must-have, but you might be surprised when you see how many ways you can wear it in a more casual setting like the classroom. Just like black skinny jeans, black pencil skirts play well with almost anything you pair them with, like button downs, blazers, t-shirts, cardigans… Hey, those items sound familiar. Just make sure it’s not too short so that you stay looking professional (and comfortable — no one wants to be tugging their skirt down all day!).

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Best of luck building your fall wardrobe for school and internships this year!

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