10 Festival Season Trends to Steal from Vanessa Hudgens

She's the Coachella Queen for a reason

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival, better known simply as Coachella, draws celebrities from all over every year. Vanessa Hudgens has been a frequent face at Coachella since at least 2011, and with this year’s music festival season fast approaching, she is the perfect person to turn to for some Coachella fashion inspiration. It’s the perfect time to embrace your inner flower child, pull out your heart-shaped glasses, and hit the desert. So before you pack your bags and book it to California (or just to Tumblr to check out all the looks), take note from Vanessa’s past looks.

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1. Flowy Dresses

It can get warm in the desert, and an alternative to the shorts-and-crop-top combo is a flowy dress in a light-weight fabric. You won’t overheat, and as a bonus, it keeps your skin covered from that desert sun.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 1

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2. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns and music festivals just go together. Pick up one made of faux flowers, and it’ll last through all the hot days and dancing. Just make sure the headband isn’t too tight!

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 2

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3. Mirrored Sunglasses

Nothing looks cooler in Instagram photos than mirrored sunglasses, and they’re the perfect accessory for your festival look. Plus, no one will be able to tell if you’re checking out the band or checking out someone in the crowd.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 3

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4. Leather Boots

Tap into your inner country girl and pair some leather boots with your jean shorts. Boots might not be the most practical choice for a festival in the dessert, but you also won’t run the risk of dirty, muddy feet in sandals.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 4

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5. Crocheted Tops

After flower crowns, the second most common thing you probably associate with music festivals is crocheted tops. The hippy flower child vibe just fits perfectly, not to mention the fabric is comfortable for wearing outside all day.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 5

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6. Layering

Want to wear overalls? Want to wear a chambray shirt? Want to wear that crocheted tank top from #5? You don’t have to pick just one! Layer them all up for the ultimate Coachella look.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 6

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7. Large Hats

Block out the desert sun with a big, floppy hat. The burnt orange color Vanessa wears is totally on-trend, and it really makes a statement paired with lacy knee-highs.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 7

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8. Dip-Dyed Hair

Embrace the music festival atmosphere by adding some color to your ‘do. Temporary or permanent, a shock of color at the ends of your hair is just enough color to make a subtle, fun statement.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 8

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9. Bling

Thought bling and festivals didn’t mix? Think again. These chunky crystals on Vanessa’s top are the perfect counterpoint to her tie-dyed maxi skirt.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 9

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10. Blush Pink

One of the biggest color trends of 2017, blush pink is a great color choice for your festival wardrobe. The dusty hue is feminine but rugged.

vanessa hudgens coachella fashion 10

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This year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, headlined by Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, and Radiohead, comes to Indio, California for two weekends: April 14-16 and April 21-23. You can find out more and purchase passes here.