Find Your Perfect T-Shirt Dress

Your Go-To Summer Outfit

Is the t-shirt dress the perfect garment? It’s definitely up there. It’s fun and casual, but still unique and innovative. We’ve gathered some of the best of the season for you to add to your closet.

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AEO Slim T Shirt Dress ($20.97)

The mismatched stripes on this dress are super eye catching! This tomboyish dress is perfect for a summertime stroll with friends or a date!

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Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Knotted T Shirt Dress ($49)

This midriff cutout is a great way to add a little flirtatiousness to the t shirt dress silhouette.


Hollister Strappy Swing T-Shirt Dress ($14.98)

This fun strappy neckline adds a unique element to this flowy t-shirt dress. Perfect for those summer afternoons that melt into evening around a bonfire.

Find Your Perfect T-Shirt Dress; Hollister strappy

Source: Hollister


Forever 21 Choker Neck T-Shirt Dress ($14.90) 

We love the casual frayed edges on this t-shirt dress. It’d be great for a day at the farmer’s market or an art walk.

Find Your Perfect T-Shirt Dress: Forever 21

Source: Forever 21


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