The Best Tips for Finding a Flattering Fit

Dress for YOUR body shape

The Best Tips for Finding a Flattering Fit


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When it comes to finding the most flattering fit of clothes, it’s important to dress for your body type. Not Kim Kardashian West’s, not Bella Hadid’s — yours. Not only does shopping becomes a whole lot easier once you know your shape, but you’ll also discover that clothes flatter you effortlessly.

There are so many different shapes and silhouettes, each of them as beautiful as they are unique, that sometimes it’s hard to figure out which trendy fashion piece will flatter your individual body shape the best. Which is why we break down down a few of the most common body shapes, along with which areas you should try to accentuate, and which pieces to shop for that will help you do exactly that.

Because when your clothes fit super good AND look amazing, then you FEEL amazing too.

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1. The Hourglass

If you’re curvy with a tiny waist, you have an Hourglass shape. Think Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian West. For the best fit, you want to accentuate your curves and NOT hide them.

Your perfect outfit: High-waisted pants with a V-neck t-shirt. Both pieces make the most of your curves without exaggerating them. Sheer V-Neck Shirt, American Eagle, $20.  Trousers, H&M, $40.



2. The Apple Shape

If you have a slimmer lower body with a curvier mid-section, you’re an Apple shape. Think Kaley Cuoco, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson. For the best fit, you want to highlight your shoulders and legs.

Your perfect outfit: Cropped pants with a loose tank. The pants will show off your killer legs, while the loose tank will accentuate your arms and keep you comfortable. Loose scoop-neck cami, Gap, $20. Capri pants in watermelon palm print, Old Navy, $27.


3. The Pear Shape

If the curviest part of your body is around your hips, you’re a Pear shape. Think Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson. For the best fit, you want to elongate your silhouette by accentuating your upper body.

Your perfect outfit: An off-the-shoulder dress. Showing off your arms is key with this dress, and for your shape, while the skirt highlights your waist and flatters your hips. Fit and Flare Dress, Forever 21, $27.


4. The Rectangle Shape

If you have no defined waist and little curves, then you have a rectangle shape. Think Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman. Your best fit is give the impression of having curves while accentuating your long limbs.

Your perfect outfit: A ruffled, feminine top with a flared skirt. The ruffled top adds the illusion of curves, while the flared skirt shows off your gams while also giving you a slight hourglass figure. Flare skirt, ASOS, $17.50. Halter neck ruffle top, Zara, $30.


Remember: the most important tip for finding clothes that flatter is COMFORT. If you feel comfortable in your clothes — meaning you can stand, sit, and dance with ease —  then they probably flatter you super well, which means they are YOUR perfect fit.