Five Styles of Jeans That Are Officially Dethroning the Skinny Jean

Welcome to a new era of denim

Your closet is probably full of skinny jeans (or at least the stretchy kind from Forever 21), but their days as fashion-forward pants options are numbered. According to Elle UK, the skinny jean is no longer in season (which doesn’t mean that you can’t wear skinny jeans if you love skinny jeans — it just means that they’re not going to be the gold standard in jean styles anymore).

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But, if skinny jeans feel like all you know and you’re feeling a bit lost when it comes to other styles of denim, don’t worry. Elle UK’s experts also weighed in on five styles of denim that are rising up the ranks and are perfect for you to embrace this season.

1. Boyfriend Jeans

What are they: Straight-legged, loose-fitting jeans. The bottom of the legs are often turned up.

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Who wears them: Selena Gomez is a big fan.

How to wear them: Keep it casual. Pair your boyfriend jeans with a casual top (even a t-shirt) and low-key hair and makeup.

Five Styles of Jeans That Are Officially Dethroning the Skinny Jean - Selena Gomez Boyfriend Jean

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2. Deconstructed Vintage 

What they are: These jeans have their origins in a Vêtements experiment in which two pairs of Levi’s were cut apart and sewn back together. They have some “mom jean” vibes, but in a stylish, modern way.

Who wears them: Fashion icon Alexa Chung is a fan.

How to wear them: These jeans make a big statement, so keep the rest of your look casual.

3. Mom Jeans

What they are: High-waisted, thick denim, that’s loose-fitting in the leg.

Who wears them: Besides your mom, Kendall Jenner loves them.

How to wear them: With their high waists, they’re perfect for a crop-top or fitted top.

4. Cropped Kick-flare

What they are: Jeans that are more snug up toward your hips, but then end in a loose flare cropped at the ankle.

Who wears them: Emma Roberts loves this style, and looks great in it.

How to wear them: Pair these jeans with a statement shoe that you really want to showcase, like Emma’s red pumps.

Five Styles of Jeans That Are Officially Dethroning the Skinny Jean - emma roberts jeans

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5. Customized

What it is: What Elle UK refers to as “customized” just means any jean that’s embellished, embroidered, or otherwise made uniquely your own.

Who wears them: Rosie Huntington-Whitely is one of the celebs pioneering this trend.

How to wear them: Of all the jeans on this list, these make the biggest statement of all, so go simple with everything else to keep the look from becoming muddled.

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Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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