7 Fancy Flats That Are Better Than Heels

Chic -- AND comfortable

7 Fancy Flats That Are Better Than Heels


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We all know that heels are fabulous, but they can also be hella tortuous (try walking 10 blocks in a pair of stilettos and see what we mean!). Which is why having the right pair of flats can not only be just as elegant, flirty, and flattering, but also a total foot-saver.  Flats are awesome because they’re comfortable and super versatile — pairing perfectly with everything from skinnies to shorts to LBDs — and with tons of options available, there’s no reason why your tootsies have to suffer at your next summer party, wedding, or internship, ever again!

Here are seven fancy flats that are better than heels. Your feet will loooooove you.


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1. Floral Print

Florals scream summer elegance, whether you’re at a picnic with bae, attending a family reunion with your fam or having brunch with your besties. They instantly perk up a pair of skinnies, and easily match a cute mini-skirt or flirty summer dress. Available at Zappos.com, $40.


2. Bright Hues

A bright hued shoe instantly lifts any summer outfit to another level, especially if it’s in the season’s hottest color — fuschia. Plus the delicate D’Orsay detail of these flats amps up the pretty factor 100%. This pair is a perfect match with a pair of skinnies and a blouse, or a LBD for a night out with your squad. Available at Payless, $15.


3. Animal Print

Adding animal print to any outfit instantly adds a major glam factor, as well as makes any shoe look super expensive even if it’s not (but no one needs to know that!). Pair with a mini skirt or a pair of short shorts for date night — you’ll def turn some heads. Available at ASOS, $30.


4. Metallics

Metallics are a super chic look that effortlessly works for both day and night. And because you’ll be wearing flats, you literally *can* wear them from day to night. Pair with cut-offs at the beach and wear them with a knockout dress for your cousin’s wedding. Available at ALDO, $20.


5. Statement Sneaker

A fun statement sneaker is basically essential to your summer wardrobe. They’re not only comfy AF but they’re super cute too! And they go with everything from fun rompers to sweet maxi skirts to even a flirty summer dress. Available at Forever 21, $25.


6. Nude Sandal

A nude sandal is perf for an easy, flowing look that’s both easy and elegant. It works best if you can get a shade that matches with your skin tone, so your stems will look even looooonger. With a pop of embellishment, these sandals would work awesomely with a beautiful maxi dress or tailored shorts for a fancy date night. Available at Nordstrom, $70.


7. Black

There’s nothing more classic or elegant than a black flat. Whether you’re wearing a blazer and skinnies at your internship or a chiffon midi skirt, they go with *everything* and alwayssss look super sophisticated. Available at Target, $33.