Forever 21 Is Opening a New Line of Beauty-Focused Stores

The new stores are called "Riley Rose"

If you love shopping at Forever 21, there’s a new store coming that you need to hit when it shows up at your local mall. The store is called Riley Rose and it sounds pretty amaze.

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Riley Rose (great name, BTW) is being described as F21’s “beauty boutique,” which obviously already has us intrigued. The brand is starting small with the rollout, as CNBC reports, starting with 13 shopping center locations.

So what will Riley Rose offer, exactly? As a beauty boutique, makeup is an obvious one, but it will also have accessories and “home goods” (so, you know, remember to check it out when it’s time to decorate your dorm).

“Forever 21 is always ready to expand into new concepts, and has partnered with GGP to open stores in 13 of their top-tier locations,” Do Won Chang, Forever 21 CEO, said in a statement. “These new, experiential spaces will be focused on accessories, cosmetics and home goods for the millennial consumer.”

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Ten of the Riley Rose stores will open before the end of 2017, with three more coming next year, 2018.

Featured Image Source: Blogspot