Here’s How You Can Dress Like Kylie Jenner Without Breaking The Bank

kylie style hack

Obsessed with Kylie Jenner‘s closet? So are we.

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After a good amount of online browsing we have found some perfect outfit dupes for Kylie’s thousand dollar looks! That’s right, we found some pretty similar looking pieces online FOR CHEAP that even Kylie would love to wear.

Let me introduce you to your new best friend/end of your wallet’s existence Fashion Nova . This online boutique specializes in trendy and curve loving apparel. Best part – it’s not crazy expensive at all!

Remember this stunning dress Kylie wore at Fashion Week?

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Here’s a pretty close dupe.

How about this adorbs bodycon dress?

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BOOM! Right here! $30 you’re welcome.

Hack for this crop top/jean duos? We got you.

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White crop top. $14.99.

And a dupe for her jeans for $34.99!

And this smexy orange dress. We got a dupe for that too.

When you show up in the same dress 😏

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$27.99 Ya’ll!

This suede mock neck dress? You guessed it, we got a dupe for it.

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For $30 we will take 8. Please and thank you.