How To Dress Like A Fashion Blogger

Make your outfits instagram worthy

Fashion bloggers fill our insta feeds with glamorous fashion, and we can’t help but want to try to have our everyday outfits look as just as insta-worthy.

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Here’s a quick guide to make your looks SLAY like a fashion blogger.

1). Wear a coat over your shoulders

Pro tip: to get insta fashion blogger status try wearing your coat over your shoulders. It gives off a total carefree vibe but also looks super high fashion. This is perfect if it’s a bit too hot to fully wear your coat or if you’re wearing lots of bracelets or a chunky sweater. Be warned: any major movement will knock the coat off!

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2).  Stack ’em up

Get glam in a second by stacking your jewelry! Wear more than one ring on a finger, or layer a watch and some bangles on one wrist. Super cute but also great for mixing unexpected pieces.

3). Wear bright, poppy colors

The best way to make any outfit POP is to wear bright colors. Go all out and try a whole outfit in a monochromatic color. You can’t go wrong with all pink! Or if you are just trying out the trend try just a single pop of color like a bright bag or nail color. Bonus points if you snap an outfit pic next to a colorful wall!

4). Wear something totally unexpected

I totally feel you. Sometimes it’s hard to slay your fashion game when it’s super early and you don’t feel like getting dressed or putting any mental energy into figuring out a cute outfit. But trust me, do it for the gram! It’ll be worth the super cute insta pic, and you’ll also feel better knowing you look slamming!

My best advice is wear something totally unexpected for daytime wear. Like a T-shirt with a sparkly skirt, or even try something lacy under a casual dress.

5). Get a cool bag

A girl’s nothing without her accessories! Grab a cute bag that has tons of personality (even better if it has tons of space to carry your every day things).


6). Get a great pair of sunglasses

Keep the shade and hate out of your eyes with a killer pair of sunnies. You can’t go wrong with a pair of shades that are bigger than your whole face. Or go the extra mile with some fun, design-y glasses!


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7). Nail your look

It’s easy to say we are all kinda obsessed with Kylie Jenner nails. Tons of fashion bloggers are embracing the long nail trend but lets be honest, who’s got the cash to go to the salon like every week? My advice: get some fakes! They last anywhere up to a few days to a week or two if you’re careful. You can find awesome Kylie-like nails on Etsy!


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Even post op I'm fab 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼

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Happy posting! ❤

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