Fashion Advice: How to Dress Like a French Girl

Ooh la la

LBH: French girls are effortlessly chic. They have that “Je ne sais quoi” thing that makes everything they wear seem absolutely fabulous. So just how do they look so utterly perfect all the time?

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Well, grab yourself a croissant and a foamy latte because we’ve rounded up the top tips to nail French girl style without even having to visit the City of Lights. (But if you can, you totally should because Paris is GORGE.)


Go Neutral

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French girls never stray far from a neutral palette. Think black, white, beige, brown, and grey. That way, when they add a touch of color with their accessories — like a handbag or scarf — it really pops.


Stripe It Up

A French girl in a stripe top is pretty cliche, but it’s also a stylish standard for a reason — nothing looks as effortlessly chic than a striped top and a pair of skinny jeans.


A Wear-With-Anything Trench Coat

French girls know a perfectly fitted trench coat goes with any outfit and any kinds of weather. You can layer it with a scarf during the fall or wear it over your shoulders in the spring.


Flats Are Your Friends

Maybe it’s because French girls do a lot of walking, but they sure do love their flat shoes — and we can see why. From jeans to full skirts to LBDS, they style nicely with just about any outfit.


Try an Evening Tuxedo-Inspired Look

French girls love their dresses, however when they really want to stand out, they swap their fancy gown for a sleek tuxedo. It’s tres chic and will have everyone staring.


Less is More

When it comes to accessories, the simpler the better. That means sticking with one strand of pearls or a stylish beret, but never wearing both at the same time.


Stick to Shades

Wearing a flattering pair of sunnies gives any outfit an elegant French flair.