How To Dress Up A Simple White Tee

Comfort Doesn't Have to be Casual

Sometimes you want to wear a nice blouse or a button-up, other times you just want to relax in your favorite white t-shirt. But what about the moments in between, when you need to look semi-professional or want to show a little flair on your bottom half? That’s when you need to figure out the best way to dress up that white t-shirt. We have a bunch of ideas on how to make it happen.

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Printed Mini Skirt, Express ($59.90)

You want to head out for a fun weekend night, but comfort is still a top priority. Pair that white tee with a printed mini skirt, and you’re ready to go! It’s an easy look that still accomplishes glamour.

Dress Up a White Tee; Express

Source: Express

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A Classy Midi Skirt, Urban Outfitters ($79)

Long skirts are super fun to wear, but sometimes they can feel too formal. A white t-shirt is the perfect solution: the space between casual and formal that’s perfect for a date or group dinner.

Structured Skirt, Forever 21, ($14.90)

A skirt with unique tailoring or ties is definitely fashion-forward, and pairing it with a white t-shirt lets you keep the focus on the skirt itself. Get one in a unique color to really pop.

Dress Up a White Tee; Forever 21

Source: Forever21

Suede Pants, Aritzia ($59.99)

Grab pants in an amazing fabric, like these taupe suede beauties. Wear them with your white tee, and you automatically have a classy but easy outfit.

Dress up a white tee; Aritzia

Source: Aritzia

Featured Image Source: Unsplash