How to Look Like a Fashion Blogger in Your Instagrams

Up your style photography game

The best fashion bloggers always have Instagram feeds that look like pages out of a magazine. But most of them don’t have the fancy set-ups from a true editorial photo shoot – no expensive cameras and lenses, no light boxes, nobody with a resume that includes dressing Rihanna for the GRAMMY Awards helping them pick outfits. So how do they make their Instagrams look so amazing? Once you start looking a little harder, you’ll see what all their photos have in common.

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With a few of these tips and tricks, you’ll easily up your Instagram game to fashion blogger level, too.

1. Stand in front of a cool wall

Have whoever is taking your picture stand far enough away so that the wall takes up most of the frame. Look for interesting textures and vibrant colors that will really make a statement in a crowded Instagram feed.

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Crushin' on the hotel's design 💥 #nikkibeach #designgoals #mydubai

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2. Find interesting light

Good photography and good light are like peanut butter and jelly – you can’t have one without the other. Find a place where the light is interesting: streaming through a window, creating unique shadows, etc. It’ll up your edgy factor by about 1000%.


3. Try not to pose

Faux candids are the foundation of a fashion blogger’s Instagram. Yes, it took a lot of posing and a million shots to get this perfectly un-posed photo, but the vibe it creates is effortlessly chic.


4. Layer like crazy

Even if you’d never wear that many different things out in public ordinarily, layers make for interesting photographs. A shirt, a coat, and a bag in interesting colors and silhouettes all layered together are totally eye catching.

Sacai Show 📷 @jaiperdumaveste

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5. Include your luggage

What is more glamorous than looking like you’re about to head off on some fantastic trip? Even if you’re taking a bus to your grandmother’s house for the weekend, snap a photo standing next to your luggage. No one has to know you’re not actually about to jet off to a private island.


6. Stick to a color theme

If you really want to level up your entire Instagram game, make every single picture you post on there in the same color family. Carly Cristman says she uses the Tones feature in the FaceTune app to change the backgrounds in her photos to grey (if they aren’t grey already).


7. Literally hit the streets

Okay, be careful with this one. But a huge theme amongst top fashion bloggers is to pose in the middle of the street or on a crosswalk. The easiest way to accomplish this is to find city streets that are pedestrian only (read: closed off to cars!).


8. Zoom in

For some variation in your photos, occasionally zoom in on the cool details in an outfit. Followers might not notice the unique hem on your jeans or detail in your shoes from a far-away shot.


9. Look down

Doormats with clever sayings, vestibules with beautiful tiling, even chalk art can become amazing focal points for photos – especially when paired with killer  shoes.


10. Blur the background

If you don’t have a camera lens to do this for you, plenty of photo editing apps and software can easily make you the focus of the photo while the background just melts away. This technique instantly makes even the most basic picture look editorial.


11. Find clothes with interesting features

Pieces of clothing with something visually striking will, unsurprisingly, translate into visually striking photos. Try ruffles, voluminous skirts or pants, bold patterns, or unusual necklines.

Birkin baskets and @balzacparis in the outback photographed by @hawkclaw. #balzacparis

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12. Accessorize daringly

Be over-the-top dramatic with your accessories. Layer on stacks of rings or bracelets, wear an enormous hat, or showcase a pair of mirrored sunglasses. Intense flashes of metal, color, pattern, or reflective surfaces will stand out in a picture.


The number one thing you can do to look like a fashion blogger in your Instagrams is to just get out there, have fun, and take loads of photos.