How to Make Fleece Fashionable

Stay Warm and Adorable

It’s the old fall conundrum: you wake up freezing and want nothing more than to stay in bed all day. But you’ve got to go outside and get things done. The next best thing to your comforter? Your trusty fleece, of course. It’s like a blanket you can wear around all day. But how do you make sure that your fleece game is fashionable?

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Accessorize it Up

Once your body heat is trapped in by the fleece, you can dedicate your accessorizing to keeping your look fashionable. Utilize the color palette of your fleece and find the best accents to make it a full look. A fancy watch or classic earrings are an easy way to top it off.


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How to Make a Fleece Fashionable; Polyvore accessory spread

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Layers on Layers

In winter, layering is either your best friend or your worst enemy. If you’re not careful, it can come off sloppy. But if you’re paying attention to how your layers work together, it can be the answer to all your cold-weather fashion woes. Pick colors that work together to go with your fleece vest or jacket, and make sure that you choose fabrics that won’t bulk up on each other.

Voluminous Hair 

Just because you’re covering up your torso doesn’t mean you have to keep the rest of your look flat. Try an at home blow-out or a volumizing serum.


Pair Black with Patterns

Create an all-black outfit, then add your favorite patterned fleece. It’s an easy, innovative, and cozy statement.

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