How to Pull Off the Loungewear Look Like a Celeb

Cozy is the new chic

Loungewear is no longer just for cleaning our closets, nights in bed with Netflix, and basically lying around like sloths. In fact, today’s loungewear is for anything BUT lounging.  Celebs like Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez are making comfy clothes look chic AF, which makes rolling out of bed and heading to class in your sweats suddenly a rad fashion statement that you HAVE to make.

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Here’s our tips on how to pull off the loungewear look like a celeb.


1. Go Monochrome

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For a sleek and put together look, make sure your loungewear is not only well-fitted (no more slouchy sweats — sorry!), but also one color. Going monochrome like Gigi will make you look more streamlined and suited for the runway than out for a run.


2. Proper Proportions Are Key

It’s important to remember that when you’re wearing something loose, add something tight. One super easy way to make your baggy sweatpants look sexy? Pair them with a cute crop top.  Add an edgy denim jacket like Selena and this outfit instantly becomes date-material.


3. Wear Cute Shoes

Adding the perfect shoes keeps your outfit from looking too sloppy. Avoid wearing flip flops or bulky boots like Uggs, and instead go for a chic pair of sneakers or go super stylish with your fave pair of heels like model Olivia Culpo.


4. Play With Prints

Don’t let patterns scare you. The reason why most of your fave celebs, like Rihanna, look so fashionable is because they take major fashion risks, and it always pays off. Prints can be tons of fun, and they will definitely make you stand out from the usual sweats. Take the plunge and go for that printed kimono!


5. Add Some Sunnies

Feeling like your cozy outfit is, well, tooooo cozy? The simplest solution is add an awesome pair of sunnies (the cat eye shape is a great choice). They immediately elevate any outfit in an instant.


6. Always Keep Your Makeup Game Tight

The difference between being lazy and lounge-y is the makeup. You want to look polished, not pooped. The key with loungewear, however, is that you don’t go toooo glam. Instead add a soft natural makeup look, and make sure your hair is brushed. Boom! Ready to go.


7. Wear a Cool Graphic Tee

Add some instant edge to your sweats with a cool — preferably vintage — graphic tee, like Zendaya. A pair of giant hoops and leather sneakers makes this look even more killer.

8.  Leather It Up

A pair of luxe leather leggings, like Kim Kardashian West, instantly makes a grey sweatshirt go from drab to fab. Adding a leather jacket and a leather tote works just as awesomely, too.


9. Layer, Layer, Layer

Be bold like Bella Hadid, and combine trends on top of trends. From the sexy tight bodysuit to the stiletto heels to the chic sunnies, all the trends come together in super stylish look worthy of a celebrity.

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