How to Style Ripped Black Jeans

Distressed and Impressed

You’ve probably seen ripped black jeans all over the streets lately. But before you go out and grab a pair, make sure that you have the necessary components to incorporate them into a perfect outfit. They’re a super versatile item, so there are many possibilities to consider. We’ll start you off with some ideas on how best to make ripped black jeans a part of your style.

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Black and Tan 

Tan, camel, and other light brown tones combine well with black and create a sophisticated aura. Try a camel sweater from StyleWe ($59.99) with Topshop jeans ($80.)

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A Grungy Rocker Vibe

Black jeans hail from the punk rock scene, so why not pay homage with a look that puts you on the edge of fashion? Like the look below, you can glam yours up with fierce nails and makeup. Grab an earth-toned beanie from Aeropostale ($2.99) and you’re good to go.



We all know not to wear ripped jeans to a job interview, but why not pay homage to the look with a loose-collared shirt? This tie bottom option from Gap ($36.96) would be super fun with these Hollister ($59.95) jeans.


With Fishnet Tights

Wear fishnets under your jeans to fully utilize the artsy rips. Try these fun tights from ASOS ($9.50) with this pair of jeans from Charlotte Russe ($34.99.)