How to Style the Clothes You Already Have

Take any piece from 0 to 100

It’s super easy to get swept away with the latest fashion trends and crave something new for your closet. But what usually makes a fashion blogger and Instagram star so stylin’ is not always the new must-haves she’s wearing, but how she styles her wardrobe. Often times your fave fashion blogger will recycle key pieces of hers without you even noticing. That’s because the awesome thing about fashion is that you can make any piece look new again just by styling it differently.

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Below are a few easy tricks on how to change up a look that will work for every season. They’re sure to make your wardrobe seem a lot more varied than it actually is.


1. Tuck In Your Shirt (or Do the Half Tuck)

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For a more polished look, try tucking in your shirt or blouse into your jeans or cig pants. It basically screams simple sophistication. Do the half tuck when you’re aiming for a more casual, laid-back look.


2. Roll Up Your Cuffs

Rolling up the cuffs of your sleeves or pants is sure to inject a little bit more comfy chic into your look. Plus rolling up your pants is the perfect way to show off your new shoes.


3. Unbutton It

Something as simple as leaving a few buttons undone is enough to breathe fresh air into a tried-and-trued look. Another trick? Wrap and tuck in your button-up shirt instead of buttoning.


4. Add a Jacket

Whether you’re adding a cool blazer to a tee, or simply draping a jacket over your shoulders, adding a jacket to your outfit instantly elevates it to a super stylish level.


5. Knot It Up

A chic and simple way to define your waistline — and look effortlessly fashionable — is knotting your shirt right at the middle. Adding a knotted shirt to a pair of jeans or a skirt is a playful, flirty touch that will look and feel new.


6. Switch Up Your Shoes

If you tend to wear sneakers with your jeggings or joggers, try adding a pair of heels instead. On the other hand, if you like to wear heels with your summer dresses or skirts, wear a pair of sneakers or flats instead. Your outfit is sure to look completely different.


7. Add Some Accessories

Sometimes it’s a matter of switching up your accessories — or adding some — that will instantly transform an outfit. For example, add some chunky, spiky bracelets or a necklace to a soft, feminine outfit to spice things up. Or, if you’re a gal who’s obsessed with her accessories, try something radical and don’t wear ANY of them. You definitely won’t be recognizable.


8. Wear Your V-Neck Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder is already a hot look. Don’t bother buying a new top when you can use the V-neck tees and/or tunics to achieve the same casual-but-cute vibe. Wear your slouchiest V-neck tee off the shoulder with a pair of leggings or skirt for a laidback, flirty silhouette.