How to Style White Jeans

Deviate from Blue

White jeans can be a tricky style choice. Obviously, they stain more easily than blue or black denim. And you also want to make sure your top stands up to their bright, polished look. But we know you can pull it off! Try these style tricks to make your white jeans work.

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Casual Confidence: William Rast Perfect Skinny Jean ($26.97)

The first step to looking great in a new style is confidence. Pick a bright top in your favorite color and pair it with your go-to sneakers. You’re ready to strut your stuff!

How to Style White Jeans; Hautelook

Source: Hautelook

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Play with Embellishment: Topshop Floral Embroidered Jeans ($54.99)

Let the jeans do all the work. Instead of using the rest of your outfit to create a unique look, pick up white jeans that incorporate this fascinating floral embroidery trend.

How to Style White Jeans; Nordstrom/Topshop

Source: Nordstrom

Hip & Professional: Forever 21 Skinny Jeans ($15.90)

Getting ready for a lunch date, interview, or meeting? Pair a professional top and tailored jacket with your white jeans for a look that says you mean business.

How to Style White Jeans; Forever 21

Source: Forever 21

Distressed to Impress: American Eagle Denim x Jegging ($39.99)

Ripped jeans are in right now, from black to denim to white. Pair your distressed white jeans with a floral button up for a look that defies convention.

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