How to Take the Perfect Mirror Selfie

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

We know your Instagram feed is filled with tons of mirror selfies and #OOTD. Everyone does it, but not everyone who has a full-length mirror does it as amazingly well as, say, Kylie Jenner. But is it possible to take that perfect shot without a professional photographer or the perfect lighting?

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It totally is! Just follow our tips and tricks on how you can take the perfect mirror selfie.


1. Tidy Up

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Notice how the best #OOTD mirror selfies have a pretty neutral — and pretty clean — background? That’s the first step in making sure that all eyes are focused on beautiful you — and not on your dirty laundry on the floor. Do yourself a favour and have a quick clean up before you whip out your camera.

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2. Know Your Pose

Of course you can have more than one awesome pose in your arsenal, but you really want to nail one particular look that makes you stand out. Popular choices among the most ‘gram-worthy bloggers and celebs include: the ‘Crossover,’ in which you stand on one leg and cross over the other; the ‘Legs Apart’ where you stand upright with your legs hip-width apart, giving you that streamlined look; and the ‘Sitting on the Floor’ pose in which you bend your knees or cross over your legs, making sure your back remains straight (slouchiness is not chic).

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3. Forget Your Face

When it comes to mirror selfies, you don’t need to worry too much about your facial expression because the focus of the shot is really on what you’re wearing. Make sure you’re looking into your camera — and not the mirror — and do a little half-smile, and you’re good to go.


4. Know Your Angles

Want a full-length, head-to-toe shot? You’ll need to step away from the mirror to ensure your whole outfit is in plain view. Just want a close-up of your accessories? Move in closer.


5. Don’t Let Your Phone Be the Star

Remember: you want the attention on your outfit, so you don’t want your phone to cover it. Keep your phone fairly close to your head — without completely blocking your pretty face. For the most flattering look, inch closer to the mirror and place the phone right under your chin.

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6. Proportion is Key

If you want to highlight a statement outfit and/or you’re on the petite side with long hair, you might want to keep your hair up in a messy bun or sleek ponytail, so that your hair doesn’t weigh down your outfit. It’s all about making your clothes the star of your shot, right?


7. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Mirror

There’s nothing worse than a smudgy or dirty mirror to ruin a perf shot, and an even better outfit. Give it a quick wipe before your photo shoot. An expert mirror selfie taker like yourself takes care of her mirror!