How to Wear Every Type of Jeans

Denim has so many options

style=”font-weight:400;”>Jeans are a staple in everyone’s closet, but there are simply too many styles. Jeans were made for comfort and simplicity, yet they’ve become incredibly hard to style with all of these cuts, lengths and shapes of jeans. Which is why we’ve made it much simpler. Read our Jeans-Style guide for every type of jeans so you won’t make any more fashion faux pas.

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Boyfriend Jeans

As the name suggest, boyfriend jeans are oversized and even ripped jeans that you borrow (or purchase yourself and pretend to borrow) from your boyfriend. They’re loose, they’re baggy and perfect for keeping it casual. Instead of wearing a nice blouse or dressing up this look, keep it simple. A slouchy V-neck top, a tight, yet casual tank top and sneakers will look perfect with these jeans.

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Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been a closet staple since the 1950’s. Back then, they were cotton petal pushers, but the look of tight pants on women have not gone away. Skinny jeans are perfect for literally any occasion. If dressed up appropriately, you can wear these to fancy functions and when dressed down, you can make incredibly casual. But to keep it versatile, we suggest a chic blouse or tee, paired with a sharp blazer and heels. Switch to sandals or flats if the occasion calls for it.

Regular Jeans

When we say regular jeans, we mean no frills jeans. Your basic, not-too-tight, not-too-loose jeans. They go with anything and everything, yet the style calls for more. Since this style is so basic, it’s important to pair it with the right accessories to make you stand out. We love wearing our regular jeans with a basic white tee, flannel, or sweater. Pair it with converse shoes and a choker and you’ve got some serious 90’s vibes.

High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans are a 1950s-1990s staple. Sure they feel vintage, but this style was in fact popular in just about every recent decade. Worn correctly, high waisted jeans (or jean shorts) can accentuate your shape and show off just a bit of skin. First, make sure your high waisted jeans fit you. Then pair with a regular blouse or crop top. Crop tops allow you to show just a bit of skin without flashing too much. While at school, wear a tee and tuck in loosely to your jeans. Pair with high tops or adidas and you’re set!

Bell Bottoms

Bell bottom jeans have made a resurgence as of late. Since they are based on a particular era of style, it’s best to dress the part. Don’t go overboard or you will actually look like a Halloween hippie. Pair your bells with an off-the-shoulder peasant top, loose fitting, floral top or vintage tee. This will give the Earthy, 60’s vibes that you make your outfit look cute and stylish. 

Bootcut Jeans

Originally made with country girls in mind, bootcut jeans are similar to bell bottoms as they fit and flare ever-so-slightly. They give you a lot of length in your legs and make you look much taller. Wear these jeans if you’re willing to wear some boots, heels or platform shoes and wanting to add a lot of height to your look.


Who would have thought culottes would make a comeback? Culottes allow women to have the dynamics of wearing pants while still staying cool like a skirt. These jeans can look incredibly chic if done right, and is for the most advanced fashionista. Pair with a striped tee and espadrilles and you’ve got a summery, vacation style.

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