How to Wear Sequins During the Day

sparkle all day long

Some sparkle and shine adds an element of fun to any outfit, and you definitely don’t have to wait until the sun goes down to bring out your sequins. When styled correctly, they are appropriate even when the sun is out. Rather than wait for a night out, put on your favorite sequin piece for an afternoon outing, work or class. These styling tips will help you add some brightness to your day without looking like a disco queen.

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Pair With a Chunky Knit

A casual knit sweater in a neutral shade balances out a high-shine skirt. You’ll feel cozy and won’t look like you’re trying too hard.

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Dress Down With Denim

Anything denim will give your sequins a more laid back vibe. If you’re wearing metallic on top, try it with jeans. If you’ve got a sequin skirt or dress, go for a denim jacket or vest. A chambray top is another solid option.


Wear With a Sporty T-shirt

A sporty t-shirt, like this white Adidas tee with a metallic logo, will turn sequins into athleisure.

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Keep the Rest of Your Outfit Basic With a Black One-Piece

A sequin bomber or top will look so effortless when thrown over a black one-piece. This outfit wins for the most comfortable and stylish look. You can easily wear it for day and night by swapping sneakers for heeled booties.


Pair Sequins With a Leather Jacket

This outfit goes to show there are no rules when it comes to fashion. The gold sequin skirt looks great with a black leather jacket. It’s not a typical daytime outfit but it totally works when the sun is out. The gold sequins are refreshing against the matching black leather jacket, tights and boots.

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Carry Your Sequins

A sequin bag is a fun addition to any outfit, especially in a unique shape like a slice of pizza. It will make your basic jeans and sweater combo way more interesting.


Accessorize with Sequins

You might prefer to wear sequins on your feet. Whether you choose pointy heeled boots, flats or even sneakers, they’ll look great with anything you’ve got on. You’ll surely make an entrance.


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