It’s Not Too Late to Buy These Winter Accessories

Shop These Cozy Items

Winter only just began for most of us and we’re still fine-tuning our wardrobe to ensure we’re the most stylish snow bunnies out there. These accessories are must-haves for the coldest season & will keep you warm long after the groundhog emerges from its burrow.

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1. Felt Panama Hat

This hat is an update on the traditional warm-weather hat but the felt material will keep you warm without matting down your waves.

When you miss "Westworld" and therefore dress as if you're from there. 🔫 #ootd

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2. Knit Socks

Want to wear your boots but can’t bear the cold that comes without a shearling lining? Cute knit socks that peak out (don’t worry–not like scrunchie socks of the ’90s) add a pop of color while keeping your toes from freezing.


3. Extra Long Scarves

Instead of tugging an infinity scarf over your head, swaddle yourself in the snake of scarves that also doubles as blanket-sweater combo. It’s our favorite accessory for snow-filled outings and chilly movie theaters.


4. Smartphone Friendly Gloves

Because fresh snow is meant for Instagram, you need gloves that allow you to use your touch screen without losing feeling in your fingers. They’ll ward off all the bad memories of the neon mittens your parents made you wear as a child.

Morning walk ready. #Bluetoothhat #touchscreengloves #sixpencenonethericher

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And when all else fails…


5. Cute Snow Boots

We know, it sounds like an oxymoron. But thanks to Ugg and L.L. Bean, snow boots are actually pretty cute these days. We’re all about sacrificing some warmth for fashion but let’s face it, sometimes it’s cuter not to slip and fall on your face.

Woke up to new Ed Sheeran music and SNOW ❤️ #snowday #snowboots #bestdayever

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Featured Image Source: Lyra Mag