Kylie Jenner is Making the Neckline and Sleeves of a Sweatshirt a Fashion Thing

As you do

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to turning fashion risks into actual trends, so here’s a new head-scratching trend we all need to keep an eye on: Just the neckline and sleeves of a sweater. For real:

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According to Life & Style, the piece is from designer Sami Miro Vintage, whose work the Kardashian-Jenners love.

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Kylie showed off the fashion piece on Instagram and Snapchat (because obviously), and some fans were surprised by the new look. But Kylie isn’t one to be deterred by a little pushback, especially when it comes to expressing herself through beauty and fashion.


Only time will tell if this trend catches on, but Kylie rocked it with confidence, which is something we can always respect.

Featured Image Source: People