Slay All Day in These Patched and Embroidered Pieces

Threads on threads on threads

Back in the day, patches were used on clothing solely to cover up holes.  Fast forward to 2017, and here we are rocking torn clothes on purpose, and sewing patches on things for the fun of it. Who knew? #sorrynotsorrymom. TBH, we think the more colorful the better when it comes to embroidery and patching, because like anything else we wear, it’s just another form of expression. So you do you, boo. Denim is the easiest target, but scroll on through for a few different variations that we’re currently dying over.

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These Needle & Thread embroidered overalls are the stuff dreams are made of. We love them paired with a white tank, especially one with ombre fringe attached to it. Tip: Swimsuits make great bodysuits for layering, so no need for them to sit in a drawer until July.

RAWR – we’ll take smiling cheetah patches on the back of a denim jacket all day long. Loving this kitschy and cute twist on an old classic.

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Cheetah Embroidered denim jacket patches McGuire

Jacket: McGuire “Barthelemy”. Dress: H&M.

There go those statement sleeves again – remember we talked about them here? Now H&M is slaying us with delicately embroidered pink flowers on an amazing black sweatshirt we will probably wear 5436 times before summer hits.

H&M Embroidered flare sleeve sweater denim overalls Lucky Brand

Top: H&M. Overalls: Lucky Brand. Boots: Lucky Brand.

Nothing wrong with keeping it subtle and feminine. A few well-placed patches (and some pink – our fave!) are on trend without being extra.

Go on – brush your shoulders off in this military-inspired top. We are digging the 70’s feel of this camouflage piece, and in case you missed the Woodstock reference, we threw in a bandana for good measure. Because sometimes you just have to go all the way there.


Photographer: Vitaly Kibenko (@ownthelight)
Styling & Creative Direction: Hema Persad (@hemapersad_)
Hair: Attila Halasz (@halaszati)
Makeup: Josiah Cracraft (@thekidglitz)