What To Pack For the Perfect Carry On

Calling all jet setters

What To Pack For the Perfect Carry On

With summer vacay on the horizon, most of us are ready to pack our bags and jet off to some far away (or not too far away) place. As any seasoned traveler worth her Instagram knows, when it comes to air travel, space is verrryyy limited. Which is why a perfectly packed carry-on bag can mean the difference between a speedy and comfortable flight, or a long and irritating one.

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Whether you’re on a short flight or flying across the Atlantic, here’s everything you need to pack like the jet-setting pro you are.


1. Travel Pillow

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You’ll definitely want your own one of these. It’ll help you sleep way more comfortably, and this cool zebra-print one by Unique Bargains ($12) moulds to your neck and is super compact. Available at Walmart. 


2. Eye Mask

An eye mask is essential for snoozing on a plane, and you definitely want one that blocks out light and doesn’t feel too tight around your head. These cute kitty eye masks from Deercon ($10 for 4) also offer no pressure on your eyes, as well as a stylish velvet pouch for storage. Available on Amazon.


3. Shoes

Comfy shoes are a must, and it doesn’t hurt if they’re also super fashionable too. Foldable ballet flats, like these fab shimmery ones from  Yosi Samra ($98), are easy to slip on and off and can be easily stored in your bag if you want to change shoes once you land.


4. Sweater

Whether you’re chilly from taking a nap or your seat mate likes to crank up the fan, chances are you’re going to need a sweater while you’re flying. A cozy and soft long cardigan, like this one from Bobeau at Nordstrom ($60), is perf to use as both a sweater or as a blanket.


5. Hat

An easy way to look fashionable and rested (even if you’re not feeling it) is leaving the airplane wearing a stylish piece of headgear. A baseball cap, like this Rad one from Forever 21 ($10), is chic and perfect for any destination.


6. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is super important when you’re flying because it helps beat fatigue and jet lag (plus the air in the cabin is usually very dry). A Vapur Shades Water Bottle ($12) is perf for travel because it’s small enough to fit in a tiny pocket when empty and can hold up to a liter of water. Available at Amazon.


7. Headphones

Investing in a pair of high quality headphones is a must for frequent travelers. You’ll definitely want to listen to your music or movie while on board, and you’ll look good doing it with this pair from Skullcandy ($60). Available at Amazon.


8. Eye Cream

There’s nothing worse than leaving a flight with tired eyes (it’s called taking the “red eye” for a reason). A revitalizing eye cream, like this travel sized one from Tatcha ($29), is a must for energizing the skin and reducing the look of dark circles and puffiness.