Perfect Pair: Glittery Socks and Heels

Because Glitter is Always a Good Idea

The easiest thing to add to your wardrobe this season? A pair of glittery socks. Wear them with your favorite velvet pumps, metallic booties and sneakers. Glitter socks are subtle enough to complete your outfit without stealing the show.

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You can have fun mixing and matching your socks with your shoes. Play around with textures by scrunching down a glittery pair of ankle socks under a bold shoe, like velvet pumps or patent leather boots.


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Layer different shades of metallic for feet that shine. Your shoe options easily double when you throw socks under sandals to keep your feet warm.


Black socks are a stark contrast against gold pointy toed heels. They add a masculine touch to an otherwise delicate looking shoe. The frayed jeans are perfection.


Gray glitter socks and steel sandals make for monochrome footwear. The socks instantly add texture to turn a breezy pleated white skirt and sandals into winter wear.


Choose socks at just the right length so that they show over the tops of your booties. These black socks have a ruffled glitter detail at the top the complements the silver color of the shoes.


Gray on gray glitter looks so fresh. Paired with a cozy knit midi skirt and gray sweater, this outfit will carry you around the clock.


Pair your glitter socks with sneakers too! White Adidas kicks are fun with gray glitter socks. Go bold with brightly colored glitter socks too. Imagine how great the white sneaks would look with a deep jewel tone.

G L I T T E R S are always a good idea✨

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