Pizza Inspired Fashion and Accessories You Need

For all you 'zaddicts

We all know pizza is life. So for the days when we can’t eat those glorious carbohydrate discs of tomato sauce and melted cheese — because veggies are apparently something we need to eat too — we can, at least, wear rad clothing inspired by our fave food.

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Here’s a list of some haute and saucy clothing and accessories that allows us to express our love and devotion to the one-and-only pizza. (Hungry, yet?)


Pizza Hoodie 

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This hoodie from none other than Pizza Hut will keep you as warm as your fave all-cheese pie. The pizza franchise obviously knows a thing or two about, well, pizza, and this adorable long-sleeved hoodie proves it certainly has its priorities straight. $34.99, PizzaSwag.


Pizza Pajama Set

We dream of pizza, so it’s only fitting that we go to sleep wearing a pair of pizza pajamas. Plus, ‘Pizza All Day, Everyday’ is obviously #LifeGoals. $14.90, Forever 21.


Pizza Gym Top

We don’t mean to brag, but who needs the gym when we do so much regular heavy lifting with our pizza slices every weekend? $12.99, Target.


Pizza Socks

Keep your toes toasty while sprucing up any outfit with these ooey gooey socks that only a legit pizza lover would own, $8, Urban Outfitters.


Pizza Tank Top

Boys come and go, but pizza is forever. Or, at least until it goes into our tummies. $19.99,


Pizza T-Shirt

Pizza doesn’t make you cry. Pizza doesn’t make you scream. That’s why there’s always no drama, just pizza. Delicious pizza. $4.99, Amazon.


Pizza Slice Necklace

Who says pizza can’t be classy AF? this silver pizza slice necklace for a subtly chic declaration of your love for ‘za. $14.36, Rebel Circus.


Pizza Pom-Pom Beanie 

Your heart and head don’t often get along, but they can agree on one thing: Pizza. $7.90, Forever 21.


Pizza iPhone Case

If you could talk to pizza on the phone, you would. But you can’t. The next best thing? This awesome ‘I Love Pizza’ iPhone case. $20, Urban Outfitters.