Printed Workout Leggings You Need

Dress for the Workout You Want to Have

Look good, feel good. Your workout attire can influence how good you feel during your run, yoga class, strength session or game of basketball. These fun prints will make you smile and put you in a positive mood to tackle your exercise of choice.

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Add a little creativity to your fitness routine with these Alo paintbrush print leggings. The pants feature no side seams and a panel at the waistband for total comfort, even in the midst of an intricate yoga move.

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The color red is associated with energy, strength, power and determination. Put these on and you’ll be energized for an intense workout. The supportive, no-show fabric will move with your body as you perform squat reps or sprint intervals.



Onzie is known for their bold prints, but these peacock print leggings have got to be their most attention-getting pair yet. They are long in length for you to pull over your heel or bunch up around your calves. And for tall ladies, they’ll hit right at the top of your ankles.



This blue and green abstract print by Nike screams adventure. They are meant to keep you dry and warm in even the coldest temperatures. If you enjoy running or hiking outside year-round, these are essential.


Love Graphic

You’re going to want to wear these well after you’ve left the gym. Artist Curtis Kulig has partnered with Carbon 38 to create a collection of workout clothes inspired by his iconic “Love Me” artwork. The mesh leg panels will keep you cool as you power through any workout.



These floral leggings are affordable, stylish and comfortable. There are two side pockets that will fit your phone for a hands-free workout session. The bright floral pattern on a navy backdrop will make you smile through the sweat.