Quiz: Which Denim Trend is Best For You?

time to find out the style for you

Denim is everywhere this fall and comes in all sorts of cool shapes and styles. Take this quiz to figure out which denim piece to add to your fall wardrobe.

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Whose’s style are you obsessed with the most?

A) Kylie Jenner

B) Miley Cyrus

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C) Rihanna

D) Taylor Swift


The Uber you just ordered is arriving in 5 minutes, and you’re not dressed yet. What go-to outfit do you throw on?

A) T-shirt dress, belted with a oversize jacket + booties

B) Jeans or something vintage with a fresh swipe of your fave red lipstick

C) Your ride or die long pantsuit romper, decked out in jewelry carrying a oh-so on trend bag

D) Leggings, a big comfy sweater, some cute ballet flats, and of course your biggest pair of sunglasses


What’s your favorite season? 

A) Fall

B) Winter

C) Summer

D) Spring


If you could dye your hair any color what would it be? 

A) Platinum blonde!

B) Sticking with my natural color thank you

C) ANYTHING Fire truck red, maybe teal, rainbow! I’m down for whatever!

D) Nice chestnut brown ❤


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

A) Tacos, duh

B) Vegan cookies all the way


D) Cupcakes with buttercream frosting



If you answers mostly A…You’re a classic denim type of girl! You love fashion and aren’t afraid to try new trends, but at the end of the day you live and die by the classics. Just like a jean jacket. There’s a reason denim jackets have been hanging around since the early 50s – they are a timeless wardrobe option that can take your look from day to night.

If you answered mostly B, try some on-trend patch jeans! Patches are the go-to update to make any pair of jeans feel brand new again. Go the DIY route and iron on some patches that show off your personality or take the easy way  out and buy this dope pair from ASOS. No shame in just buying an already tricked out pair of patched up jeans. You’re a busy fashionista – you got a million things to do and places to see.

If you answered mostly C, suit up with some fun overalls! You’re all about having the best time possible so make your outfit decision a breeze with opting for some quick fastening overalls. You’ll be out the door ready to film your killer snap story in no time. Have the best of both worlds by trying a denim overall dress! Instant outfit right there. Just throw a cute top underneath and you are golden.

If you answered mostly D try a simple and sweet denim dress! You don’t take life too seriously and you are the one in your friend group who always knows how to dismantle any MAJOR drama. Sport a dress that’s as chill as you are! No fuss, all cool with this toss on denim shift dress! Up your playfulness factor with some sweet 70s inspired embroidery. So cute!

If you got a mix of all the letters, go you! You really have a style all your own, so embrace it! Fashion is suppose to be fun so try out all the denim trends and see what you fall in love with.

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