Bet You Didn’t Notice Lili Reinhart’s TCAs Wardrobe Malfunction

She had a total fashion crisis moments before the show

Lili Reinhart attended the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles this past Sunday night, where she won “Choice breakout TV star” and Riverdale just happened to pick up a casual seven awards total. But the evening didn’t go as smoothly as you might’ve thought; turns out Lili’s dress literally almost came apart.

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“So after dealing with that sh** show and having one of my bffs [Taylor Foster] stitch me back together in 10 minutes, I was thrilled to be there,” she tweeted.

But as you can see from all the red blue carpet photos from that night, it doesn’t look like there’s a single thread out of place on Lili’s stunning red and black number.

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lili reinhart teen choice awards wardrobe malfunction 1

Image Source: PopSugar

Her friend Taylor must be pretty darn good with a needle and thread in a crunch! Lili looked flawless alongside her Riverdale cast, including Cole Sprouse and Camila Mendes.

teen choice awards lili reinhart wardrobe malfunction riverdale cast 2

Image Source: E! Online

Riverdale took home the award for “Choice drama TV show” and “Choice breakout TV show”; Cole Sprouse won “Choice drama TV actor,” KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart both won “Choice breakout TV star,” Camila Mendes won “Choice scene-stealer,” Madelaine Petsch won “Choice hissy fit,” and Lili and Cole won “Choice TV ship.”

teen choice awards lili reinhart wardrobe malfunction riverdale gif 1

Image Source: Giphy

Safe to say, Lili and Riverdale totally slayed the TCAs, wardrobe drama and all.

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