5 Ways To Rock The Athleisure Trend

Athletic wear without the sweat

Let’s face it – sometimes you don’t feel like wearing a super complicated outfit but you still want to look good for the day. Well, that’s where athleisure comes into play. It’s the perfect crossover between your most comfy sweats and a cute, casual #OOTD. If you want to try out this trend for yourself, here are five easy ways to rock athleisure.

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Leggings ARE Pants

One of the main perks of this trend is that you can wear leggings as pants and nobody can say anything about it. So don’t let those haters tell you pants aren’t leggings.

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Matching Sets Make It Easy

A lot of stores and boutiques sell matching sets of sweats and athletic wear. And now that athleisure is such a trend, they make them in all sorts of materials and colors like this grey velvet set from Fashion Nova.


Experiment With Your Sneakers

Since you won’t actually be working out, you don’t have to wear your best running shoes. You can rock any type of sneaker you’d like! So throw on a pair with a ton of glitter or tons of stars like the shoes below. If you’re feeling super experimental, try your outfit with heels!

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Pair It With Fishnets

Fishnets are making a MAJOR comeback. A lot of fashionistas have been rocking fishnets underneath their denim, but it also looks super cute peeping out the top of a pair of sweats or leggings!


Pair It With Denim

Throw on a denim jacket as a finishing touch to your athleisure outfit. It makes it a bit more casual and can even take a bodysuit to a whole new level!


So there you have it – 5 easy ways to rock athleisure! Let us know how you rock the trend in the comments below!