4 Sandals That Are Perfect for Summer

Get your Summer Strut

Thank goodness, it’s finally time to ditch those cumbersome winter boots! Your favorite brands are rolling out their summer sandals, so get your favorites before they sell out! We’ve picked four of the snazziest pairs to make your summer walks totally stylish.

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AEO Flip Flop ($11.97)

You always need a new pair of flip flops (or three) to ring in every summer. This year, why not go with these gorgeous rose gold faux-leather ones from American Eagle? They’re available at a great price, with a few other color options.

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Forever 21 Faux Suede Wrap Sandals ($19.90) 

Wrap sandals are perfect for a summer party or date! Try these red ones for fun and flirty look.

4 Sandals that are Perfect for Summer; Forever 21 suede wrap

Source: Forever 21

Guilhermina Scalloped Slide Sandals ($96)  

Try these adorable slip-ons from Anthropologie. The color palette and unique shape will make your feet the star of your outfit.

H&M Gold Mules ($17.99)

It’s always good to have a little summer shine! Bring these lovely mules on your glamorous summer vacation.

4 Sandals That Are Perfect for Summer Mules

Source: H&M

Featured Image Source: Unsplash